About me

Dmitrij Rysanow

Senior Typescript Developer with over 6 years of professional experience. Passionate about distributed systems and specializing in Angular, NestJS, Docker, Redis, Google Cloud, Gitlab and others. Available to work in Poland/Remotely


  • Web

    I know popular JS frameworks, like AngularJS, Angular2+ and React. I’m able to learn new frameworks, like Vue, or your own, if it works. I’ve also used and played with new Web APIs, like Websockets, WebGL and WebAudio. Web is new OS. Better than everything we had know earlier.

  • Mobile

    I worked with Android Framework, developed native app in Java called Kids Travel for Octal Solutions. After that we’ve produced another app in Ionic (Quiz App). Cordova is beautiful for simple apps.

  • Backend, devops, Web3, Blockchain

    2.5 years experience in PHP Development. Now working mainly with node.js. Recently I’ve started learning Solidity and DApps development. I’m also learning CI/CD, and containerization topics (Docker, Kubernetes, Gitlab). I’ve got my apps hosted on Google Cloud Platform, and own QNAP server

My projects & hackatons

Winner of Harmony.ONE Hackathon

Run demo

</> Source code

Map-based NFT Marketplace. Technologies: web3/metamask, Harmony.One. Gitcoin bounty link: https://gitcoin.co/issue/harmony-one/bounties/48/100025830, Youtube demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV7UHb4XQ6Q

Protocol - E2E Encrypted and anonymous chat app

Run demo

</> Source code

Easy to use, secure, private. Encrypts transport as well as local database. Allows only text (for now). Inviting new people don’t requires to install the app by them

Ruflix - rutracker.org player

</> Source code

Cross-platform torrent-streaming player, that allow search rutracker.org torrents database.


PIDI, FullStack Developer


Domain service development. Work was in PHP, Zend Framework, and jQuery at frontend side. My responsibilities was:

  • providing new features
  • database architecture
  • CRUD services
  • XML processing from other web-services
  • UI in HTML, CSS and JS (jQuery)

Octal Solutions, Android/Web Developer


I’ve learned AngularJS and Android Framework here. We were working on KidsTravel project. Service was on production (with app in Play Store) for 2 about years. Responsibilities:

  • AngularJS Client Frontend App (creation and maintenance)
  • RestAPI in .NET Framework (partially)
  • Native Android Application (in Java)

Raiffeisen, Angular Developer


Worked as a Mid Frontend Developer.


  • Writing Angular client app (version 5)
  • Writing Angular library with ng-packagr
  • Writing Unit and E2E Tests
  • Architecture advises and implemementaions.

Creative Yellow Solutions, Mobile/Web Developer


Quiz App for smartphones (iOS, Android and Windows Phone), controlled by .NET Backend, with different type of “quizes” (minigames outputting rates). In Ionic Framework with AngularJS. From scratch to working version. It has client-side database (loki.js), animations using GSAP, couple of cordova plugins. One of my cleanest and most successful works. Responsibilities:

  • Mobile apps on all platforms – iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

gazetkowo, React Developer

1.2019 - 1.2020

Gazetkowo is app with promotons (https://gazetkowo.pl).


  • Frontend React App
  • Server Side Rendering middleware
  • PHP Backend
  • React Native mobile app.

blu.eberri.es, Full-Stack Developer/Tech Leader

1.2020 - 6.2021


Full-stack development on 2 startup projects:



Szybkapraca allows you to find employee. Mentoria is a video streaming service.


  • Frontend Angular Universal App
  • Server Side Rendering middleware
  • Nestjs Backend with PostgreSQL database
  • Websockets (messenger feature)

ITMagination, Node.js Developer

6.2021 - now

Consulting/Cooperation with fintech companies.


  • Kubernetes/Node.js development
  • Amazon Web Services/Azure DevOps
  • Microservices